Flexible Rubberized Vinyl 2.8m Giant Chess & Checkers Board for 64cm Giant Chess

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Flexible Rubberized Vinyl Giant Chess & Checkers Board for 64cm Giant Chess

GM-13 and GM-13s (Chess board with Safety Edge Ramps)

Materials: PLASTIC Rubberized Vinyl.

Board Square size: 12''X12''. (30cm)

Total Board size: 8' x 8' . (2.4m x 2.4m)

Weight: Each square is 390grams, 64pcs is 25kgs.

Board Color: Black + White.

The giant chess board can be rolled up for fast transportation and storage.

It's easily assembled.

It's practically indestructible. It works great on hard surfaces.

It's durable and safe.
It's used in king tall 25-inch (64cm), 36-inch (90cm), 48-inch (120cm) giant chess pieces.

It is used in chess schools, chess clubs, hotels, playgrounds, shopping centers, seaside, etc.

The Safety Edge Ramps not only provide a finished edge to the chess board, but they are a major safety feature. The Edge Ramps angle down from the edge of the chess board to the surface of the ground, eliminating a potential trip and fall incident.

12 Month Manufacturers Warranty