DGT North American

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  • The DGT North American clock is the top of the line when it comes to Chess Clocks. DGT North American is the Top of the Line for Chess Clocks
  • Variation of the Official FIDE Chess Clock
  • Multi-Period Delay Settings are Easy to Use
  • Quick-Set Options Permit Instant Set-Up
  • Manual Programming Options are Fast, Intuitive and are automatically Stored in Memory
  • Suited for Chess, Also suits Any Two-Person Board Games like Go, Shogi, Checkers, and Scrabble


Quick and easy to set and program! Choose quick-set options for the 13 most popular controls Set any control manually and fast! Turn move-counter on and off in any option Super-easy to correct both time and move count Sound-alert option warns of time trouble Signals a low battery 16 contrast settings adjust for any lighting